AWE Newsletter 2013  

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13-aug-2013 Wapsie has passed away

We regret to announce you that Wapsie has passed away, as we saw on her website , which is offline now. Wapsie had her own world Wapsland, and she participated several times with her world at the AWE Quest and she also like to play the games ToTheTop and Landpick, in june Wapsie still participated at the game ToTheTop, but on 5th july Wapsie has died.

Wapsie had her own website with hundreds of cooking recipes, and in february 2011 her website became even headline news in the newspapers and also on tv they talked about her website (see our newsletter of 2011). Then we also had a picture of her to put in our newsletter.

17-jul-2013 AW Mobile : chatting with Skype

In the portalwereld Unidemo you will see also the bot [AWMobile], by which you can have contact with AW-Europe by using different media: As from today , you can chat with AW-Europe by using Skype. How does it work ? First you log in with Skype and you add AWE-Unidemo as a contact person. Type now this message to AWE-Unidemo : .help (a point followed by help) and you will see a command list , now type : .login , and you will be logged in immediately in AWMobile: all the text that you're typing now in Skype, will appear also in the chat in the world Unidemo. And also in the other direction : all chattext in the world Unidemo will appear also in Skype. By typing .logout , or by closing Skype , the AWMobile-session will be stopped again.

10-jul-2013 An explosion of ideas

In the portalworld Unidemo the event "An explosion of ideas" has been announced, this event will last during the whole month of october. At the same time, AW-Europe will celebrate its 10-years existance.



10-jul-2013 Unidemo as a new portal world

At he beginning of july; Unidemo has been chosen as the new portal world . This world replaces Titanic3d as a portal world. The world Titanic3d had a too heavy download and as a consequence, not all people could enter smoothly into the AW-Europe universe That's why Aw-Europe has chosen for a world with a short download time



22-feb-2013 Restart AWE Promoteam

The AWE Promoteam will sponsor again games and will take care of new events , so that there will be a lot of players when the 10-years party of AW-Europe goes on

The AWE Promoteam will sponsor the game ToTheTop during the month of march : every player will get 2 credits for every point they have scored. This is not only for the top10 players , but for all the players taking part. You will get the credits via AwExchange.


13-feb-2013 AW-Europe exists 10 years !

On february 13th AW-Europe exists exactly 10 years ! And we will celebrate that . The preparations for this event have already started , and this summer there will be several activities going on. It is certain that there will be a new "hunt" or "quest" in several worlds , and apart from that there will be several other games and events. There will be also meeting with speakers of professional companies , news about will be published here in the next few months.

The Awe Promoteam will already anticipate, by starting to support several games as from march 2013. You will find in the current portalworld Titanic3d an area where alle the events will be announced.