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Pleiaden - Trivia on 5th of june with prizes 03june
On saturday 5 june at 20:00h CET (16:00h VRT) , there will be a trivia game in Pleiaden. There has already been a test game in may. The questions (and answers) are in english, en de questions will be asked by a triviabot, which will also register the scores. There will be 60 questions, which means the game will only last for 1 hour. There are also prizes to be won :the winner gets 521 credits (1 month of citizenship), the 2nd one gets 328credits (2 weeks) and the 3rd place gets 164 credits (1week).
ToTheTop - New game on 1st of june with prizes 03june
The second game which has started on 1st of june, is again with prizes. The purpose of the game is to get your 10 counters to the top. The first 10 players will win a prize : 1st prize : 1 month of citizenship, 2nd prize : 3 weeks of citizenship , 3rd prize : 2 weeks, and the 4th-10th prize : 1 week of citizenship. During the month of may the game has also been played : Emmanuel could bring all his counters tot the top within 13 days. The 10th winner management to do this in 20 days. Try it out too!
Games 02 - Boneshot : Start of the tournament on may 15th 14may

In the world Games02, there is the start of a tournament of the paintball-game Boneshot. On may 15th all players will to a match against eachother. On a later date , the winner of those matches will play against eachother. At the moment 10 people have registered to participate. Finally the winner of the tournament will have a nice prize. More info about the matches can be found in the world Games02. The game rules can be found on the website

Edsdream - New building contest starts on may 15th 14may
There is again a building contest in Edsdream, starting on may 15th and using the same formula as in february : the world will have again the shape of a pyramid, every builder starts to build upon a plot at the edge of the world. At sunday noon, the thing you have built must be ready, on sunday 14h Edsdream will be temporarily closed in order to judge every building plot. A sign object with "JA" means that you can start with a new plot on a higher level. A sign with "NEEN" means you need to retry upon the same plot. Every week one level higher : The best builders, which have reached first the top, will receive again a nice prize. Mor info on this website :
ToTheTop - Emmanuel has won the first game 14may


During the test game, some modifications were added in order to reach more easily the top, and in order to get more easily the 10 pawns to the top. And already after 14 days we have our first winner: the first winner of ToTheTop is noone else but our universe owners Emmanuel. The other players also had good scores.


ASBingo - Game as from now on saturdays only, but with 2 prizes 07may
As from the 1st of may, the bingo will only be on saturdays at 19h00. During the last months, there was always a shortage of participants at the game, and there is a minimum of 10 participants required before we start a bingo game. We need to say that since last year , you may find in Aw-Europe a lot of new games and activities. In order to attract again more bingoplayers , there will be organized 2 rounds of 5 games (instead of 1 round of 10 games) , this means 2 winners of 1 month of citizenship.
ToTheTop - Start of the new game after 1 month of testing 30apr
On may 1st starts the first game of ToTheTop. During the month of may there was a test game. In the beginning it was very difficult to score 1 point. Finally there has been chosen for blockades with an interval of 1 empty cell, for cells with extra turns to play (to throw with the dices) and at the end of april they have added protections ,in order to prevent that everyone needs to restart from zero. The test game has been won by Wapsie, there were 54 participants at the game and only 15 persons managed to reach the top. For the first game of the month of may, the players should have to score the points more easily, since those new changes have been added.
Server crash... - First crash for Aw-Europe since the startup in 2003. 22apr

On friday evening 16 april one of the servers of AWE has crashed, and as a consequence several AWE sites were offline : the newsletters, awexchange, aw-europe and also the object path , which a lot of worlds are using. Fortunately , last weekend there was solidarity : several worlds had no problems at all and those world have been visited frequently. But the crashed server has only been restarted on thursday 22 april, and that also due to the vulcano eruption on Iceland : de persons who offered support for the server were in Florida , and couldn't fly back to the Netherlands because of the cancelled flights, and they had to fly to Spain and afterwards travel by bus to the Netherlands.

The planned events : Earthday and the Meeting couldn't be organised on time : the Meeting will be sheduled on a later date, and the Earthday will just start as from today and will last langer. Due to the caused inconveniences, AWE offers to every visitor as from 23th april 1 week of free citizenship : tourists kan make a new id , or can reactivate their previous id again : as from 23 april you can find in the world AWE a code which you can activate in the website This offer will last during ±2 weeks.

This was the first server crash since Aw-Europe has come online in 2003, and we hope of course, that this will never happen again.

Earthday (22april) - From a single seedling to a worldwide forest 15apr


Here some extra info about the event that will take place on thursday 22 april : in the world AWE there is already a plot where you can choose and plant your tree : on position 16N 7E and the place around . You can find several all info on the webpage of but also on the Facebook of Aw-Europe, and also on the site . In you can now already buy your seedling for 200 credits (=2euro). You can start to plant your tree in AWE as from friday 16 april at 19:00h.

AW-Europe as from now on Facebook 15apr

Aw-Europe is as from now also on Facebook. You can become fan/member , you will also find pictures and news items, just like in these newsletters. Facebook is a very popular medium and you can find Aw-Europe on this link : .


Meet_01 - First meeting : Short summary of what has been told... 10apr
The first meeting on thursday 8 april was a succes. There were 18 persons present at the meeting. There has been spoken about aw version 5.0 , and there have been presentations about new projects and new worlds (BVirtual, Kunstvallei =("Artvalley"), about new game worlds (tothetop,landpick,boneshot,games01), and about Earthday. There has also been a brainstorming in view of starting up new events and projects. The next meeting will be on thursday 22 april at 20:00h.
Earthday (as from 22april) - Buy a tree and receive 1 week of citizenship. 10apr
Aw-Europe participates at the event of Earthday on thursday 22nd of april. With this occasion, a new world will open, representing the virtual Earth. Everyone can plant a tree in this world, every tree costs 2 euro , which will be used voor a good purpose and also partly to Earthday. The extra gift from Aw-Europe is 1 week of citizenship , so that you have the time to plant your tree in this world . Everyone starts with a small seed , and in a period of 6 months ,the seed wil become a plant and finalley a fully grown tree. More info :
Pleiaden - The world Pleiaden is back !! 10apr
After an interruption of more than 2 years, this world has returned. World owner Kvdk has restarted with the former medieval theme, and this p20 world will soon become a complete world again.
ToTheTop - Opening of a new game world ! 06apr


Fritsr , Wilma and Atel have opened their new world "ToTheTop" for a testgame. This means that everyone can try out how the new game with dices works. These days you can exercise en test it out and on the 1st of may the first game will start.

The game rules can be found at : (or press F7 in the world)

AWE-Meeting - Invitation for planned meetings about the activities of AW-Europe 03apr
On the site you will see that there will be a number of meetings about the activities in Aw-Europe: The first reunion will take place on thursday 8th april at 20h00 dutch time. The persons which are interested to participate can register for the aw-forum and can add their answer with the reason why they wish to be present. Those persons will receive an invitation to the reunion.
Rainbow - Memorial world 03apr
Rainbow is no longer only a memorial world for animals, but as from now also a memorial world for people. On position 7n 0w you can find the first memorial space for people.
Paradiso - Supermarket wars building contest 01apr


In this world there is a new building contest : everyone can build his own supermarket. Every builder starts with a building plot of 2 cells, after each inspection (by Happy) you can raise 1 game level , so that you can expand you supermarket each time : There are 9 game levels, so at the end you will have a complete supermarket with all facilities. There is also a website about the supermarket building contest ( press F7 in the world : The winners of the contest were :1st : Lady D and Fietje, 2nd place : Bart, 3rd place : Erwin.


Release newsletter spring 2010. 01apr
This is the second newsletter of 2010. In this webpage (Awe Times), we will tell you about all events in of Aw-Europe : new events, new worlds, parties, competitions,games...etc. This webpage will be daily updated, just like the calender webpage, until there is the release of the next newsletter. Every item in this page will be marked with a release date of the news item.