As from now the most recent news items will be at the head of this page.

Awe-Meeting 2010-2011 (30mar2010)

On the site you will see that there is a meeting about the activities in Aw-Europe: The first reunion will take place on thursday 8th of april 2010 at 20h00 dutch time. The persons which are interested to participate can register for the aw-forum and can add their answer with the reason why they wish to be present. Those persons will receive an invitation to the reunion.

Games02 (30mar2010)

On 31 march there is the opening of a new game world : BoneShot - The game you play for fun. The name makes us suppose that it's a kind of paintball game. The world opens on 31st of march at 14:00h dutch time. Both citizens and tourists can take part at the game.

Awexchange prize contest (17mar2010)

Awexchange, the payment website of AWE, has been renewed and improved in december, but still a lot of people have problems to get their citizenship easily. Until now, the payment site is still too complex and it needs to be easier to do a payment. Emmanuel , universe owner, has put of prize contest (you can win credits) on the awe forum : What can be done, in your opinion,to improve the website of Awexchange ? You can put your idea upon the forum or you can mail your idea too. You can find more info upon the forum : You can add or send your ideas (for the contest) till 31 march.


These are the 8 winners of the building contest: In the upper level (level 6) : Krisman2, Eva and Matthew (3 months of citizenship). Level 5 : Florsuperbelg, Pol and Ritchy (2 months of citizenship). Level 4 : ShadowLuigi and Rene (1 month of citizenship). As from 15th march, Edsdream will have again the plots as usual.

Citbuild (13mar2010)

The world has been expanded to a p50. Now there will be 166 plots instead of 43. Every citizen can have now 2 building lots. There is also a forum, especially made for citbuild : . On 15 march , there's the start of a building contest in Citbuild.

Citbuild (12mar2010)

The building world for citizens has been renewed. The world is supervised now by a new team : Dylan, Thirza and Krismen. There have been made new building plots which are bigger than previously : 6x6=36 cells instead of 5x5. In total there are 43 building plots for the citizens. (10mar2010)

Fritsr, world owner of Landpick, has started an group dedicated to Aw-Europe. The group is a bit similar to the aw forum , but it is an additional way to make contacts with new visitors. In that group, you can add pictures and start discussions about a subject. In order to become member, you need to register an account on After having downloaded the msn messenger, you can add this site (see title) as a group in your msn messenger.

Awexchange : new pricing (06mar2010)

Activeworlds Europe (AWE) will cooperate more with Activeworlds Incorporated (AWI) ,and the prices for citizenship will be the same now as in AWI. This means that the price for a citizenship is going down : 7 euro per month will become 5.12 euro per month. (the prices will be adapted every month according to the dollar rate). More info in the forum of awe.You can see also the other prices on the payment website of awe : awexchange.

Elektra (24feb2010)

Elektra opened its world on 24th february. Elektra is a commercial world , and they offer solar panels. This world is still in construction, because Elektra will also offer other products. You will read more about it in the next newsletter.

Asbingo (15feb2010)

As from 15th february the bingo on thursday will also be at 19h00 cet (central european time) instead of 20h00

Paradiso (01feb2010)

In Paradiso there is a building contest, it starts on 2nd february,and ends upon 28th february . You can win a voucher of 1000 credits. Both citizens and tourists can participate. The theme : build an old furnished house with garden.

Dreamradio (01feb2010)

Every sunday evening, Adje is the dj on dreamradio. Then you can also do requests of songs you would like to hear.

You can listen to Dreamradio in several worlds of Aw-Europe, and also upon the website There you can also look at the song history of the songs you just heard. Apart from that, there is also the website as you can see upons this picture.


Edsdream (31jan2010)

The building plots in Edsdream have been removed and have been replaced by a new concept : on january 31st a building contest has been started , in which the best builder will obtain a nice prize. How does is the game of the contest ? Each builder starts to build upon the plots at the edge of the world. Each sunday the Edsdream team will assess the builds and the decide who decide who goes up 1 level. Then the second week those builders can start to build on the second level, up to the top, closer to ground zero. The one who reachers first the top will win the building contest. The ones who couldn't go one level higher can retry it the next week.

Here you can see a picture of the new terrain in Edsdream.

Reached level5 for the 5th round: Telenet18, Ejsmith, Krismen2, Wik, Eva, Ritchy, Kenneth, Jojo, Matthew.

Armorica (05jan2010)

Tristanbernar had built the nicest ice palace , and he has won as p20 world with 1 year of citizenship. His new world is called Canada, because Tristanbernar lives in Canada and at the same time, he is the youngest world owner of AWE.