Rocking the Metaverse

On 14 july at 19h dutch time there will be organised a rock concert evening in AWE , under the name "ROCKING THE METAVERSE". You can read more about it in a seperate item of the newsletter.


Armorica - building contest

This month, the world Armorica organises a contest, in which you can win your own world. You can register till 17th of july, and then you can start to build on a building plot in Armorica about "your story to obtain a world" . You can read more about it in the forum :

On this picture : 65n 12w Music Center

Armorica - website

Armorica has also a new site :

You can find there a teleportable map of Armorica, and you can also log in into a webchat,which gives the possibility to chat also in Armorica, without having to be logged in in AWE. Apart from that, you will find on the new website an overview of the bots , of the colour codes, of the (teleportable) isles and their builders, of the armorica-team and also a search engine for the object path in use.


Since 1st of july the phonebot has been introduced in several worlds, this under the guidance of DragoWing (Armorica). The phonebot makes it possible to chat with visitors of the other worlds, which make part of the phonebot network. The result is a better communication and contact with a larger group of chatters. Now there are already 9 worlds participated in the network : Armorica, Arlinia, Exds, Exds2, Gotcha!!, Ivalon, Maleona, Planets en Cultures. Later, Juna will be added too.


Games01 is nog steeds in aanbouw. Edje en zijn team hopen om in augustus klaar te zijn met de wereld....


Also this world of Isabelle is still under construction, and should be about Paris. Here you can see a picture of the Notre-Dame.


This world is owned by Anne and is also under construction.