New portal AWE

On the 3rd of may AWE portal world has been renewed. The most important building in the portal is a large conference room, which has been already for the first time after a few days :


A lot of visitors in here could follow online the meetings which took place at Metameets, which is a 3-day conference about the use of 3d websites at present and in future. Metameets took place in Amsterdam from 22 till 24 may and Activeworlds Europe took part at the meeting too. We could follow online with a lot of attention the speach of Emmanuel Gruijs, the CEO of AW-Europe.

On june 18th, there is a 2nd meeting for spanish speaking countries about the differences between Activeworlds and Secondlife. Aw-Europe is also participating at this meeting.

The new worlds are built better and better now, something that certainly be said of the new world Landpick, a strategy game world , of which has been thought very well creating a game like this, and the game works very well too (after some months of testing) , and we can say : it's on a professional level. (see item "new worlds")


Also worlds like Armorica, Edsdream and Planets show new possibilities which you can use since the latest improvemenets of the aw versions. There will be new worlds in AWE which will help you explaining how you can use those possibilities. And the possibilities will continue to improve, as there are constantly new versions : version 5.0 is being tested.

AWEbuild, AWEbots, AWEmodel, AWEbeta

Maya is still busy with building those worlds, and they should replace the worlds Beta and Bottest, which have become too small to show and explain all the possibilities of aw since version 4.1 and 4.2.


Bridge in the world Bethel.

AW versie 5.0

Now already, the new aw 5.0 is being tested in a beta version, and we can announce some important improvements : first thing, it will be possible to have large numbers of avatars with sequences, without lagging the system, a second thing is a remarkable improvement of the sound quality of the voice chat (VOIP), and the third item is the fact that you will be able to show your own computer screen in the world : imagine, you will be able to show online demos about how you can build things, or show online to tourists how they can do a payment via awexchange, in order to become citizen.


A free world on trial ?

Now already tests have been done in order to offer in the future worlds with a month on trial. At the moment, this is still testing how it works and in one of the next newsletters, we will certainly talk about this again. On the picture one of these trial worlds : the world Regina.




This new world of Edje and Free is all about gaming. There is a lot of preparation going on for this world, so we look forward for its opening.



After being closed for 1 year, this large building world did finally reopen. Andras changed the program for the buildbot, so that the building lots of the tourists is protected. This wasn't the case anymore since the launch of version 4.1. Now, tourists and citizens can restart building on their lots.


Calmheart has added some new free models in her world, which you can download for you own world (or for your world in future). You can find a wide range of free objects at the entrance of her world.



There is a new site for the radio station Dreamradio. You can go to the site :

You can still see the playlist upon the site :



Maya has started building in Pretpark the virtual town of Harderwijk. For that, she uses picture objects, so the village looks more real. You will find a link to her site where you can download some free models as well.


Also in this world, owner Panne is starting to replace some building by picture objects.


Capt.Jack,Tessa, and Enkel are all family members and they own this p30 world, which is still under construction. We also can't wait for it's opening...


World owner Ritchy is still preparing this world. The theme will be water, fire, air and land.


Adje and Wik have replaced their witches-world by a hippy world. For those who want to experience or re-experience the flower power generation. Grand opening will be soon.