In this first newsletter of 2009 you can read about the latest quest, and about the numerous new worlds which are added : within 2 years, Aw-Europe has been grown steadily from 90 worlds till 124 worlds nowadays.

We also have some news to announce in 2009 : there are plans to renew the Titanic, and for the custom avatars, there will be more features (more clothing, hair styles, accessories...). Aw-Europe also continues expanding the payment possibilities (see Awexchange). In this letter, you will have an interview of Thirza with Emmanuel, and you will also have building tips in order to increase the framerate.

Enjoy reading this newsletter ! The AWE-team.

The quest was again a big success and almost 1000 visitors were online, 300 of which have been participating actively. But unfortunatelyn not everyone can win, and the winners of this quest are 1st Wik , 2Nd was Free and 3rd Numberfive, so Congratulations. We also congratulate all other winners who have won a prize, this is the link if you want to see more: you can see who has won and which prize they have won.

The next quest is planned for the month of may. More details will follow. Awe is busy looking for sponsors. Hopefully the animo will be as big , the more people the more joy. We thank everyone who has participated and we thank you for realising this great quest !

Hugssss and kisses,

***Cultures: quest game : The italian kitchen

This time also the participating worlds did go for a competition, in which the players could vote for the best world. Fantasi2 and Cultures had the best score : 8.43 points of 10.


Edsdream : Avatarshow

Edsdream has started since january a succesful event : the avatarshow. Since version 4.2 you can use the custom avatar , and with some creativity you can make very nice and/or original avatars. Then they had the idea to make a conquest about this. The jury members are Free, Murdoch, Ritchy and Monique. On position 6S 3W all events and useful info are announced. Here you will also find the stage/catwalk where the avatarshow takes place.

Edsdream : Building contests

Every month in Edsdream there is a new building contest : theme for march : my restaurant. More info to participate : position 8S 3W. For registration, you can ask this to Adje, Edje , Free, Thirza or Kenneth


Sander is building a new horror world in AWE. This this it will be a science fiction survival horror. You will be sent to the spaceship QV-38 Centurion in order to repair the connection between the spaceship and the headquarters office. Once on board of the spaceship, you will notice that there is noone aboard anymore.

It is clear that there has been violence upon the spaceship. The corridors are plenty of blood , the are a lot of seats of fire and a lot of emergency lights are lighting up. De rooms on the ship are dark and give a scary atmosphere. Slowly you explore the vessel and soon you discover that you aren't alone after all...

The world is still under construction and the hasn't been fixed an opening date yet for the opening.

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